thrift store find

Pretend that I wrote a paragraph rambling on about how horrible I am at updating this regularly, k? K.

Now, on to the post.

One of the local thrift stores, The Open Door, has a weekly silent auction. It’s fun to look at what people are willing to bid on random things (like cookbooks from the ’80s and giant Barbie dolls), but Josh and I have never taken part before. Well, today we hit up The Open Door looking for something to go under the smaller window in our living room. (we have a black chair from IKEA by it, but it still needs…something)

While looking around we found a solid wood china cabinet up for auction. No one had bid on it, the starting bid was $20, and the auction ended today. Shocked that no one had bid on it, we decided to bid $30 in the hopes of scaring off other potential bidders. Our plan worked! (or they were deterred by the bad paint job and massive ammount of dirt and mildew) We went back at 3, when the auction ended, and a lady from our church was running the register. She kindly offered to let us borrow her husband’s truck, which I found hilarious and very sweet.

We got the cabinet home safely and into the kitchen. It has been scrubbed down with bleach water and will be primed tomorrow. We are planning to paint the exterior red and the interior white, mostly because we have the primer and white paint on hand already. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk Josh into getting red paint tomorrow!

Pics to come…


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