I read this post on Shauna’s page and it inspired me. :o)

What I’m thankful for (in no particular order):

  • a beautiful God
  • my dad
  • my mom
  • my sister
  • Josh, the love of my life
  • an amazingly wonderful, huge, loving extended family
  • the Tietjes (and Meagan!)
  • my apartment mates – Jess, Kristen, and Kindel
  • my girls
  • sales on gluten free items
  • any sale, really
  • SWU
  • that perfect pair of jeans
  • cornbread and pinto beans/squash casserole/fried okra/fried turkey/turnip greens/southern cooking in general
  • sweet tea
  • every day
  • being diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis
  • being healthier
  • ADD medication
  • TNT, USA, Food Network, TLC, and Jerry Bruckheimer
  • the numerous people who have been spiritual mentors to me
  • everyone helping with my wedding (thanks for keeping me sane!)
  • my back-room coworkers in admissions
  • google (do I really have to link that one?)
  • the people I have “met” by stalking them on google reader – there are so many amazing people out there who take the time to write powerful, thought-provoking posts, thousands of recipes, and find the best deals out there
  • growing up in a home where books and playing outside was emphasized
  • books
  • amazing authors
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • noticing a theme?
  • knowing all of my grandparents and two sets of great-grandparents
  • summers spent on the farm in Alabama
  • Christmas Eve church service
  • Advent devotions
  • family traditions
  • color
  • cameras
  • fun decorations
  • my adoptive parents
  • ethnic food
  • the chance to travel
  • girls’ night in/out
  • movie marathons

…and much, much more.



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2 responses to “TGIF

  1. Perfect jeans, eh?

    . . . Bruckheimer.

  2. Happy Birthday, Joy!
    I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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