Do my ears mistake me…

…or did I just hear Dinozo on NCIS ask Abby if this is the week she is going gluten free? What does this mean for her Caf-Pow addiction? Am I way to into this? Of course. But seriously, the more gluten intolerance is covered in the media, the more attention is given to it.

I did the same thing when I was watching an episode of Law and Order: CI and the murder victom suffered from Gaucher’s disease, which my fiance Josh has.



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2 responses to “Do my ears mistake me…

  1. rossfam

    Yes, he did ask her that. I don’t know what a Caf-Pow addiction is, though.

  2. jmtietje

    Caf-Pow is the drink that Gibbs is always bringing her

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