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liz is my homegurl

(10:49:44 PM) me: i need liz time
(10:49:46 PM) me: badly
(10:50:00 PM) Liz: hehe. i need to laugh.
(10:50:02 PM) me: haha
(10:50:21 PM) me: i need to break it down gangsta wanna-be style
(10:51:04 PM) Liz: yeshhhh, gangsta wanna-bes are cool. word.
(10:51:11 PM) me: hahahahahahahahahahahha


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Do my ears mistake me…

…or did I just hear Dinozo on NCIS ask Abby if this is the week she is going gluten free? What does this mean for her Caf-Pow addiction? Am I way to into this? Of course. But seriously, the more gluten intolerance is covered in the media, the more attention is given to it.

I did the same thing when I was watching an episode of Law and Order: CI and the murder victom suffered from Gaucher’s disease, which my fiance Josh has.


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I found a blog yesterday titled blah, blah, blahg…it made me laugh.

It’s a dreary day outside. The kind where it’s overcast and it wouldn’t be as bad if it would just rain. Sadly there is no rain, just wind. Days like this make me want to curl up in the big chair in my parent’s living room and read a good, long book. Like Twilight. I did want to re-read that again before the movie comes out. I find it rather humorous that mine and Josh’s book collection will contain religion books (his major, my minor), psychology books (my major), and my fantasy/crime drama/mystery fiction.

A while ago I mentioned that I should do a blog listing all the gluten free blogs I read. I read an average of about three posts a day from all these sites combined, and usually at least two of the posts are recipes. The amount of posting isn’t overwhelming, and I’ve favorited enough recipes to publish a book (which I wouldn’t do other than for personal use, as most of the recipes are developed by the bloggers or variations on recipes that are already published). Some of these blogs also cover casein, soy, and egg intolerance as well. At least one is vegetarian, and one or two cover kosher food with special posts about Holiday foods.

Here’s the list of blogs:

I didn’t list the ones that haven’t been updated in months. I have them on my reader so I can easily access all their posts and search for recipes.

I’m feeling more awake now, thanks to my ABBA channel on pandora. Don’t judge me. You can’t help but smile when listening to their songs.

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