gallimaufry friday

Gallimaufry is my new favorite word. According to it means a hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley. This is my version of Dr. Labar‘s sunspots, although mine will most likely be more pretty shiny things and blog posts that catch my eye during the week. And as the title suggests, much more random. Blame the ADD. And wedding planning. And all the amazing design/crafty/idea sites out there.

Today will focus on my new favorite shopping tool, my google reader, and my new favorite jewelry site.

First off, Kaboodle.

From the website: With Kaboodle, you can collect information from anywhere on the web, put it into a Kaboodle list that you can share with others, and discover other interesting lists from like-minded Kaboodlers. You can also invite your friends to Kaboodle, where you can help one another with research, planning, or decisions on what to buy.

I like it mainy because it keeps my favorites folder from exploding. I used to have a wish list sub-folder, but it was MASSIVE. With Kaboodle, I can organize things into pre-made folders such as wish list, home and garden, style and fashion, if I had a million dollars, gadgets and gizmos, and gift ideas. Plus, if someone asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas/whatever, I can send them a link to my wishlist.

Ah, my google reader.

I’ve blogged about my love for it before, but that was before I truely uderstood it’s greatness. The folders I currently have blogs under are advice, bloggity-blogs (people’s personal blogs), crafty, gluten free, wedding, eye candy, and humor. Obviously, some are more temporary (wedding), while others I can’t imagine not having (gluten free, humor). Some are more for inspiration and drooling purposes (crafty, eye candy). Here are some blogs I read:

Crafty: SC Etsy Street Team

Gluten free: I can’t choose even a handful of these to list. The last time I counted, I subscribe to over 30 recipe blogs. Maybe I’ll do a post listing all of them soon.

Eye candy: Apartment Therapy, Unplugged, Re-Nest, Daily Dose from Domino Magazine

Humor: Cake Wrecks, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, Apostrophism

My new jewelry love

Lulu’s also has clothing, shoes, and accesories. I’m feeling a store dedicated Kaboodle folder coming in the near future…


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