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To help keep the wedding budget down, Josh and I decided to make button boutonnieres. I saw the idea and instructions in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. The directions used to be available on her website, but I can’t find it now. Josh blogged about this when we went to buy the supplies last week. I have some pictures of the final product. We have finished all the boutonnieres for Josh, the groomsmen, and the pastor. Here are two of the groomsmen boutonnieres and the pastor’s boutonniere:

We changed some things from what Martha suggests, like using fake leaves instead of making our own out of fabric and using non-Martha products. The biggest surprise? Josh really enjoyed making these. He got really into it, so much so that he knocked one of his thumbs out of socket trying to make one of the fabric covered buttons. That scared me half to death – he was sitting on a stool about to faint and I had no idea what to do. He’s fine now, thankfully.

I haven’t figured out how much they cost individually, but I know it’s cheaper than ordering boutonnieres from the florist. All in all I’m very happy with the outcome and I like them a lot. Josh thinks we should sell them on etsy. Any suggestions?


I’ve been working on our budget, and I figured out how much they cost. The total for all suplies (button making kits, wire, floral tape, fabric) was $28.74. We made ten boutonnieres, totaling $2.87 a piece.


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