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so yeah…

…I haven’t been on blogger in months. Not that anyone really cares, but still.

So yay! I’m engaged! The original date was July 11, 2009…until I found out that I’m graduating this December. So now it’s in January. I went from a year and a half to plan to less than 9 months when we made that decision.

I have been freaking out about stuff as I leave in a week for a full-time internship in a different state and won’t really have a chance to do planning stuff till school starts back in August. Amazingly, despite my bi-monthly breakdowns, this has been accomplished in the past three weeks:

  • bridesmaid dresses have been picked out (and one already came in!)
  • dress design finalized, have to get fabric
  • colors: green, orange, white, black (technically already decided before this month, but whatever)
  • paper lanterns galore at the reception in green, white, and orange…just need to figure out how many and order them.
  • AMAZING deal on a photographer ($700 for rehearsal, getting ready, ceremony, and reception plus all pictures and printing rights!)
  • church and reception hall reserved
  • one of my best friends is doing my makeup, making half the food for the reception, in charge of the guest book, recommended two different hair people to talk to, and all-around “you ask for my opinion, I’m going to give it” lifesaver
  • a family friend is our “wedding coordinator,” which is really just a fancy name for someone to keep mom and I from going crazy and trying to kill each other.

As we are now fully in “wedding season,” with every wedding I attend the planning urge grows stronger. A friend gave me a stack of at least 10 magazines to look through for ideas. (Seriously, 10 bridal magazines? The way I shop, that would pay for a whole new outfit, including shoes). Budgeting is hard to do when you still don’t know how much your dress is going to cost…just so you know.

That’s about it for now…my mind is racing in at least 18 different directions all at once, and I just needed to vent some of it out.

Have a blessed day!



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