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3 left!!

Three what you ask? Why, three semesters of college! Heck yes.

On the DH/gluten free front, I’m doing ok. We think. Turns out that DH may not be the problem after all. So now I have to find another dermatologist in the area that insurance covers so I can get a second opinion. Yippee.

Now the real reason for my update:

I am in love with Google Reader. I check it multiple times daily over breaks, and every morning and night while I’m in school. Reader automatically checks my favorite websites for updates, and displays them within the Reader page. (I do realize that this is a crappy explanation. There is a better one on the Reader site.)

Some of my favorites:
The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
Funny pictures of signs from all over the world with, you guessed it, unnecessary quotation marks.
I really can’t describe this one. You just have to check it out for yourself. I think I have laughed or “Oh no she didn’t!”-ed at every single post.
Sun and Shield
The blog that puts my blogging skills to shame. Dr. LaBar is an amazing man and writer whose faith I greatly admire.
I am not engaged…yet. So why have I been reading this blog for over a year? Research. Um…yeah, that’s what it is. Eye candy galore, multiple bloggers, and hilarious xangaTV
Karina’s (gluten free) Kitchen
When I found this blog, I knew that being gluten-free is no biggie. Just thinking about the site makes me drool.

Granted, these are five blogs out of the 19 I read.

Another new love is Foxmarks. From the website: “The Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer automatically synchronizes your bookmarks between two or more computers running Firefox. It also lets you access your bookmarks from any computer anytime via An easy-to-use wizard guides you through the quick startup process. Then Foxmarks works silently in the background to keep your bookmarks up-to-date on all your computers.” This comes in handy when I’m at school and use my personal computer along with the school computers in the library or classrooms.



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