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Hit the road, Jack

Well, I’m writing from the road on my mom’s phone. Where am I headed, you ask? Why I’m headed to a small town in Iowa, aka mom’s hometown. No, we’re stopping in TN tonight.

Tomorrow we’re doing something really cool: going to honest Abe’s birthplace. And then, THEN, we’re going to see the world’s largest collection of paperweights. Heck yes. My family is so cool.


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I’m back!

So I’ve decided that I’m going to start writing on blogger again, mainly because…I can. I’ll have the same posts on both my blogs.

What has happened to me since the winter of ’06:

  • I’m dating the most amazing man ever. Next week will be 17 months. In Laura’s definition of relationship lengths, that means that we could have a 7 month old child by now (don’t ask). No, I’m not engaged yet.
  • I changed my major, declared my minor, then changed my minor. I think what I am currently (Psychology major, Bible minor) is going to stick.
  • I traveled on a ministry team for SWU the summer of ’06. Best. Summer. Ever.
  • I lived at home my sophomore year. Some people like it. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Me, I’m looking forward to moving back on campus.
  • My youth pastor is leaving and going to another church. Please pray for his family and for our church as he looks for another church and we look for a youth pastor.

This is just the tip of the iceburg, but it’s late and I have things to do tomorrow.

I’m glad to be back!

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