It’s Monday, and SWU is the only school in the area in session today. What fun.

It’s been a really good day so far. I got my reading done (barely) in time for English class and I understood the discussion for the most part. I got a lot of handouts and notes printed for English and Biology, and I finally got all the signatures needed to drop my math class. I was signed up for too many hours, but I’m a little worried that I’ll forget a lot of math basics and such before next semester.

I also talked to a professor about what I’d have to do to minor in English. I’m interested in that, missions, or ESL as minors, but I’m not sure what God wants me to do at this point. I’m not going to take any action on that untill next semester. One of the RAs in Stu-B is trying to talk me into trying out for a summer ministry team. I really want to do one at some point during college. They’ve changed the teams around, so I want to see what the new teams are and really pray about it and discuss it with my family before I make a decision. I have also looked into going overseas this summer, and want to look into that more as well.

I have choir and band left today. I’m so excited about the choir music this semester. We did tour in the fall, so this semester will be much more relaxed. Our spring concert this year is a Pops Concert. We’re staging and performing arraingments of music from Joseph and the technicolored dream coat and Le Mis, plus solo and small groups.

Tonight at 7:30 there is a mandolin group doing a concert in Foldger. Everyone shoud come, it’s going to be great!!


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