life as I currently know it

Tonight I went to Clolumbo’s for dinner with two of my friends from highschool. Another guy from highschool works there, and today’s quote of the day is from him:
“I hope our gay waiter wasn’t hitting on you. My manager told me (he was) when I got back from delivery, so I thought I’d come warn you.” ~Lee
“Oh, that’s why he was talking to me so much.” ~Tobias

I went to lunch with my mom at Western Sizilin’, where the entire third grade from Six Mile Elemantary was eating lunch. Out of 90 students, there were two black kids and one hispanic kid. The really sad part? It only takes 15-20 minutes to get from my elementary school, where there is a diverse student population, to Six Mile Elementary. I am so lucky to have grown up in a more diverse school. I can’t imagine what I’d be like today if it weren’t for Thelandra and others like her in elementary school. Last year for my teacher cadet class I worked with my old 1st grade teacher, and in that class there were 4 hispanic kids, 4 black kids, an Indian kid, a girl adopted from the Ukraine, and 6 or so white kids. Just imagine how different their outlooks are compared to those 3rd graders.


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  1. Anonymous

    Two black kids and a hispanic kid? Sadly, that’s inmpressive. Honestly. But I get your point. I wish we’d had more diversity in elementary school. –Rebecca

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