Stu-B is a rockin’ place on Tuesday nights

too many quotes from last night to choose one…haha

last night = balderdash + someone who actually appreciates my random deffinitions (thanks Sean!) + CATCHPRASE!!! + running out to buy batteries and somehow returning with Taco Bell as well + telling embarrasing stories when the timer ends on you + Abram and David’s connection…”LIGHTBULB!!!!” + ignoring the clock + David’s changing hairstyle + being checked out…I think (it was just odd, trust me) + a really awesome guy + PEPSI!!!!!!! the only thing to drink when it’s past 11 at night…hehe. Hey, at least it was just me last night, although I think Kindel snuck one + laughing till I’m sick to my stomach

All in all it was just fun. Balderdash should become a weekly thing, though. That was too much fun to not do again…


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