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wait, I just looked at the date stamps…deffinatly not the night before. haha


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I FEEL BETTER!!!! YAY!!! Not 100%, but better. I can breathe out of both sides of my nose, and I made progress last night (I think). Thanks to those who were (are) praying for me!!

yay for pics from Daniel football games. I really missed that this year, even though I did go to 3 or 4 games. Love ya, Becca! I think the first one is the night before she spent the

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Four o’clock and all’s we-ell!

haha sorry, those blasted bells just went off and it reminded me of Nutsy from Robin Hood.

In other news, I’m still sick, my roomie’s sick, Jessie across the hall is sick…you get the picture. Pray for us!

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welcome to SWU, kids!


…and I’m sick

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Awesome song by Superchick:

you hate men is what you say 
and i understand how you feel that way
all girls dream of a fairy tail
but what you got's like a used car sales
man, trying to conceal what's wrong
behind a smile and a song
and i'm not saying that boys are not like that
but i think you should know
that some of us will grow

all princes start as frogs
all gentleman as dogs
just wait till it's plain to see
what we're growing up to be..
coz some frogs will still be frogs
some dogs will still be dogs
but some boys can become men
just don't kiss us till then

yay! haha. So yeah, I'm back at school...two weeks till the semester's over!

Yesterday my family was driving through Six Mile while on our way to Clevland, SC
and we saw 15 or so chickens following a car.

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random quotes from Thanksgiving…

…that no one but family will understand.

Em: Chris, play your lowest club
Chris: Hold on
Em: Chris, play your lowest club
Chris: Hold on, I have to see what Sam plays
Em: Chris, it’s the first hand. You have to play your lowest club
Chris Ooo-hh

Sadler: You have a Maligma

me: What is that?
Joe: An exotic zit

after Grandmother’s gone on about a visitor at Thanksgiving
me: Grandmother, are you suggesting something?
Grandmother: Of course I am!
…I love my Grandmother…

So yay for Tanksgiving (or as David calls it, Joy-giving)!! Now I have to wait a whole year to see most of those people again 😦

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some more quizes…

You scored as Mario. People ask you what your relationship with Princess Peach is. You just say: “It’s complicated.” You’re always on the go. Racing cars, playing tennis, baseball and partying with your friends are all trademarks of yours.



Pokemon Trainer


Donkey Kong






Fox McCloud




Which Nintendo Character Are You?
created with

So now I’m a mix between Mario, a Pokemon trainer, and DK. Bring on the game!

You scored as You Are Deb. You are Deb. You are laid back, and don’t care what people think. Good for you. You like to do awkward crafts, but thats ok Rate my quiz a 5, and there will be a link to click on to see my picture!!!

You Are Deb


Napoleon Dynamite


Kip Dynamite


You are Pedro Sanchez


What person from Napoleon Dynamite are you?!?!?!
created with

She’s the only character I liked from that movie. Sorry, I just thought it was rather dumb.

Today is the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break, and I only have english and workstudy left!! Suzanne leaves around 3, and I’m leaving (most likely) around 6, cause I need to pack and clean. I can’t wait till tomorrow!

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