Sunday lunch…always an experience

Some family friends, the Thompsons, stayed at my house this weekend. Daphne and Mom used to work together at SWU a long time ago. They were in Charleston and are noe in Rock Hill, so it was awesome to see them today. Adam is my sister’s age, and Darby and Jorden are 12 year old twins. Some snippets from our lunch conversation:

“Scurry’s dead?” -Adam
“Yeah, she died while you were on that three-week trip.” -Jordan
“Oh.” -Adam
“When was your trip?” -me
“The middle of the summer.” -Adam
“And you’ve just now figured this out?!?” -Emily

(with a glass to his ear) “Shhh — I can hear the ocean (Jordan puts a glass to his ear with a confused look) …now it sounds like someone peeing.” -Adam

and the quote of all quotes (from today, at least):
“How do you way ghetto in Spanish? Ge-he-toe?” -Jordan


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