Gloria the Hippo: Don’t make me come up there, I’ll get the whuppin on both o’ y’all.

Yay for Kevin, Cameron, Cha, Elise, Em, and Charleton. Supper was sooo much fun. A few quotes for you:

“Now back to what I was saying…I have no idea what I was saying” ~Kevin

“du-du-du-du-du-du, WOOOOOH!” Em and Cha

“You have a hemi?” ~Kevin
“Yeah, it’s a V-8 hemi, I got it from an old lady” ~Kehl
(acting out the hemi commercials as an old lady) “You got a hemi? You want one? I think I’ve got one in my purse somewhere…” ~Cameron

And there was this odd moment where Cha was using a weird, jerky form of sign language when she was laughing so hard she couldn’t talk…

I love my friends :o)


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