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Say it with me now…


I don’t think any Stu-B residents went to bed before midnight, maybe a few before 1. Some stayed up almost or all night. I got some sleep…about 4 1/2. I missed everyone so much. I was sooo excited when I saw Britt, even if she did give my cookies to Mitch 😉 I’ll get some eventually…I hope.
“I’m related to Robert E. Lee. I’ve heard that’s cool in the south.” ~Michelle
haha-I love her. I was in their room for a long time last night.

Now I have to study for english…blah

But hey! My sister’s 16th birthday party is tonight!!! She’s getting so old…


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Break is over!!

Yay! Everyone is back! It’s gonna be a crazy night, and I have a test at 8 tomorrow morning…

“You know who I respect, even though they didn’t do a good job and being women? Bathsheba and Monica Lewinski.” ~Autumn

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