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Today is the first day all week that I can actually choose what I want to wear first thing in the morning. Yesterday was the last day of choir tour, and I don’t even get to sleep in ’cause I’m going to the chiropractor. YAY!!! It’s gonna feel so good.

We did a total of 13 concerts in five days. The first one was at Brevard Wesleyan. I don’t remember the man’s name, but the speaker that morning was the pastor there in the early 50s. As sad as it is, the only part I remember is the story he told at the end. When he was pastor there he went to the district convention. The other pastors were making fun of him because he had the most children of any of the pastors. He told them that it was their fault because the parsonage was right next to the train tracks, and when the train went by at 4 in the morning it woke them up. Since they couldn’t sleep, what else could they do? The choir was sitting behind him and I know that we were all rolling.


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