Quote of the day: “You’re in college?!?” ~Chris, my lovable-yet-so-incredably-out-of-it cousin…whose brother and I had our graduation party TOGETHER!!

hahaha – I love Chris. He has changed a lot over the years. He used to be such a brat (he kicked me in the shins w/ steel toed boots till I cried when we were little, and I’m 4 years older than him), and he has really matured a lot. Aunt Darlene and gang went to my house for lunch today and I brought Britt and Mitch with me. It was a ton of fun and the food was sooooo good. Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravey, brockli, mixed veggies, breadsticks AND rolls (I was in heaven), and to-die-for chocolate cake. yum!

Last night was another late night in Britt’s room reading after going to a movie with my sis (yay!), Marette, and another girl whose name I can’t remember (sorry!). Doing anything with Marette is an adventure, and last night was no exception. When I drove up to the theater she was standing on the sidewalk in a renasance dress curtseying to passing cars. AND my armrest in the movie was loose, even more so than the one from last time. I was so tempted…:-D


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  1. Jamin

    Yeah… I haven’t seen Chris in a long time. My mom said he’s gotten quite tall and matured.

    Also… ALSO… I would never die for chocolate cake. However, dying by chocolate cake would be fairly amusing.

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