4 AMish lobby nights

Quote of the night:
The RA: “Are you just friends or SWU friends?”
The girl (not me!): “Define SWU friends.”
Poker guy: “Married”

Haha…last night was so much fun. I went out to eat with Kristie, Kim, Sarah, and Britt and then with Sarah to the homecoming football game, which was depressing cause there really wasn’t that many people there from last year. I found out that Steven may be coming to SWU!! yay! He cracks me up.

When I got back I found out about the boys soccer initiation. Their hair is all gone!! Britt cried…I don’t blame her. They also had to wear boy’s tighty whities and mini skirts and run around downtown Clemson yelling about how much they love upperclassmen. hahahaha

At 11 I went to good ole Wal Mart with Britt and Sam cause we were all bored or avoiding people. haha-poor Sam. After we had been there for about thirty minutes he said “I am never going shopping with girls again!” I laughed at him.

Britt bought this hysterical book, He’s just not that into you. We read three chapters last night and we’re reading more today. It’s secular and we kept a “bleeper” (black magic marker) with us while we read, but the majority of the advice is really good. Britt and I both want a guy’s perspective on the book, so if you’re interested….

I’m really glad I got to hang out with Sarah and Britt last night. It sure was an adventure!! But hey, nothing beats a funny dating book and mac and cheeze at 4:30 am…except sleep.



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3 responses to “4 AMish lobby nights

  1. Kelly

    Hey! I read that book….it’s sooooo funny!!! It once again proves that “Boys are stupid…throw rocks at them!” 😉

  2. Jennifer

    sounds like you’re haveing a great time at SWU!!!

  3. fritzy-bitsy

    hey, i watched a show with the author of that book on it. he talked with a few couples about their situation and stuff… funny. and he was on oprah once. i saw that too. lol. i’m such a dork.

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