If my profile has been viewed 44 times, why have I gotten only one comment? hmm…

another point for blogger cause I got an email about the comment on the day it was posted! (unlike xanga, which I don’t get till the next day)



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4 responses to “doink

  1. fritzy-bitsy

    because comments are for dorks.

  2. Anonymous

    easy. people are in awe. speechless, if you will.

    ~Rodrigo 😉

  3. Martin LaBar

    Sometimes the same person views the profile more than once.

    Comments may or may not be for dorks, but they do take a little effort.

  4. Anonymous

    You don’t really want comments from me, do you?

    Come home and I’ll give you another power strip to help with your wiring situation. They keep appearing as we dig through the piles we keep having to move around as we finish Grandmother’s kitchen . . .

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